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Pensacola MCL Local By-Laws:


In name of the beneficent God of all, we who have honorably served, or are now serving our Country in the United States Marine Corps for the common good of this Nation, and in order that the fundamental rights and freedom of every person may be preserved, to foster interest in the affairs of the United States Marine Corps, to protect and advance the welfare of Marines and their dependents, and for the further purposes set forth hereinafter, do solemnly and firmly associate ourselves together in a non-profit corporation known as the Marine Corps League and order and establish these Bylaws.


Section 101 Identification

The Detachment, under the provisions of the Charter, shall be known and identified as: The Corporal J.R. Spears Detachment #66, Marine Corps League Inc., Pensacola, Florida.

Section 102 Governance

The Detachment shall be governed by the provisions of the National and Department Bylaws, rules and regulations, and the bylaws of this Detachment as written, approved and/or amended.

Article 2: PURPOSE & GOALS

The purposes and goals of the Detachment are:

  1. To serve and promote the traditions of the United States Marine Corps and the Marine Corps League.
  2. To join those now serving and those who have served and been honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps, FMF Corpsman and FMF Chaplains in a fellowship that will exemplify the motto of the United States Marine Corps "Semper Fidelis".
  3. To hold sacred the history of the Marine Corps and the memory of those members who have given their lives for this Nation.
  4. To create a bond of comradeship between those on active duty and those who have returned to civilian life.
  5. To volunteer aid and render assistance to Marines and their families.
  6. To perpetuate the history of the United States Marine Corps and observe, with proper ceremony, historical occasions of interest to its members.


Section 301 The Detachment

All powers in, of and for this Detachment shall be vested in the regular members of this Detachment in good standing, assembled at a regular or special meeting.

Section 302 Subsidiary and Subordinate Groups

This Detachment shall maintain control and supervision over any and all subsidiary groups operating under the sponsorship of this Detachment. Included will be any auxiliary unit or subsidiary unit which may hereafter be organized and instituted under Detachment authority.


Section 401 Categories of Membership

Regular Membership, Associate Membership and Honorary Membership shall be governed by the guidelines set forth in the National Bylaws and Bylaws of this Detachment.

Section 402 Regular Membership

Regular Membership is open to currently serving, former or retired Marines, FMF Corpsman and FMF Chaplains. All candidates for joining membership in this detachment, regular, associate and honorary, shall meet the requirements set forth in the National Bylaws.

All candidates for Regular Membership in the Detachment shall complete the standard application form published by the National Headquarters. An additional "Supplemental Personal Data" form for in house use only will be completed by the applicant. These forms will only be issued by the Membership Chairman, Chairman, Adjutant, or Commandant and only at a regular or special business meeting of the Detachment. The applicant at this time must submit, for review, a copy of his/her DD214 and a check in the amount of $45.00 made out to the Marine Corps League. The Supplemental Personal Data Form will be retained by the Adjutant and the check will be immediately turned over to the Paymaster. The Paymaster will submit the Dues Transmittal Form and proper funds to the Department Paymaster as soon as practical, not to exceed one week.

The new member will be presented with a "Welcome Kit" and assigned a mentor.

Section 403 Associate Membership (Reference: National Bylaws)

Any person not otherwise qualified for Regular Membership in the League, and who demonstrates support for the principles and purposes of the League and this Detachment, will be eligible for Associate Membership. Candidates for Associate Membership must be sponsored and proposed for membership by at least two Regular Members and announced and approved at a regular Detachment meeting. The forms and procedures listed in Section 402 apply with the exception of the requirements of a DD214 for non-Veteran applicants. All former Veterans will provide a DD214.

Associate Memberships will not exceed in number more than twenty-five (25%) percent of the Regular Members of this Detachment. Individuals who are now serving or have served in other branches of the Armed Forces of the United States, must have served honorably and must meet the requirements set forth in Sections 402 and 403 above.

Associate Members will pay dues in the same amount as Regular Members and shall be entitled to all the rights, privileges and benefits of a Regular Member except the right to hold elected office, to vote in election of officers, or sponsor or vote on the admission of members.

Section 404 Honorary Membership

Any person may, at the discretion of this Detachment, be issued an Honorary Membership if he or she has performed an extraordinary service to the Nation, the United States Marine Corps, the Marine Corps League, or the community. Payment of dues and/or initiation fees are not required of Honorary Members. Membership cards and certificates are available from National Headquarters and suitable certificate will be issued to honor the person. The Officers of the Detachment shall decide if the honorary service merits inclusion as an Honorary Member. Honorary membership must be renewed annually.


Section 501 Elected Officers Enumerated

Elected Officers will include the Commandant, Senior Vice Commandant, Junior Vice Commandant, Judge Advocate. All other positions will be appointed by the Commandant, subject to approval by the membership as appointed positions.

Section 502 Eligibility for Office

All Regular Members in good standing of this Detachment shall be eligible to be considered for an elective or appointive office. No members may hold two (2) elective offices at the same time.

Elected and appointed officers of this Detachment may, at the same time, hold higher office at the Department, Regional, or National levels, if properly elected or appointed thereof. The Commandant will be allowed to serve two consecutive terms. All other elected officers may serve as many consecutive terms as nominated.

Section 503 Nomination and Election of Officers

The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Commandant and meet in January for the purpose of seeking out Regular Members who are qualified to fill each elective office, and are willing to accept such nominations. The Nominating Committee shall present its recommended slate to the Membership at the March business meeting.

Nominations for any elected office may be made from the floor without concurrence of the Nominating Committee provided that the nominee is present or has provided written acknowledgement that he is willing to accept the nomination and to serve if elected.

Election of officers shall be held under the order of New Business at the April meeting of the Detachment.

Election shall be by secret ballot by the regular Members present unless there is only one nominee for a given office, in which case a voice vote will be permitted.

Section 504 Transition and Installation

As soon as possible after the election, but before the regular May business meeting, the outgoing and incoming officers shall meet in conference to discuss and resolve any and all problems relating to the transition of authority. At the conclusion of this conference, the Commandant-elect shall consider and announce his choice of appointive officers and committee chairmen as are needed and appropriate at the time.

At this conference the outgoing Commandant will present the incoming Commandant an audit of the Paymaster's records, balanced checkbook and a complete inventory and location of all Detachment property and assets. All other appropriate administrative forms and records will also be turned over to the new administration. Any incoming elected officer may request an outside audit of the Detachments’ books at this time.

In compliance with the National Bylaws, the installation of officers will take place at the next regular or special meeting of the Detachment after the election. The report of Officers and Installation will be forwarded to Department of Florida Headquarters within fifteen (15) days of the installation.

It shall be the duty of the outgoing Commandant and his administration to plan, arrange and execute the Installation Banquet Ceremonial Meeting. If an Installing Officer is selected from National or Department Staff, his travel and per diem expenses shall be borne by the Detachment.

Article 6: VACANCIES

Section 601 Vacancies in Elective Office

In the event or the resignation, illness, death or unexplained absence from two or more consecutive Detachment or Board meetings, or following removal from office for cause: the office of Commandant shall be filled by the Senior Vice Commandant for the remainder of the term, the office of Senior Vice Commandant shall be filled by the Junior Vice Commandant. The office of the remaining elected officers will be filled by appointments of the Commandant, subject to approval of a majority of the elected members of the Board of Trustees or, in their absence, by a majority of the membership in attendance of the meeting immediately following the replacements.

Section 602 Vacancies in Appointed Office

A vacancy, for any cause in an appointed office or committee chair, shall be filled by appointment by the Commandant. The Elective Officers of this Detachment and their duties shall be:

  1. Detachment Commandant, whose duties shall be in conformity with those for the National Commandant as set forth in the National Bylaws Section 310, and as provided in these Bylaws, by enforcing the National, Department and Detachment Bylaws.

    The Commandant, is also the Senior Executive Officer of the Detachment, and shall preside at all meetings of the Detachment and of the Board of Trustees. In his absence, the Senior Vice Commandant will substitute for him when needed.

    The Commandant is in charge of all meetings. Its success in accomplishing the Detachment business depends largely upon him. He will ensure the Detachment meets on the appointed dates unless otherwise revised by the Detachment membership in regular meeting. He will ensure that the meetings start on time, and that the necessary business is carried out in an orderly fashion. He is also responsible for disseminating to the membership pertinent information that is sent to him from National and Department Headquarters, making use of bulletin boards, Detachment publications, letters, telephone, Email, and Detachment Web Site.

    He shall keep order, explain matters that are unclear, ensure that each member has a fair chance to participate in the discussions and educate the membership in parliamentary law and rules of order.

    The Commandant shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. He shall direct and supervise the activities of the other elected and appointed officers and committee chairmen. Together with the Adjutant and Paymaster, he shall be responsible for all monies received by the Detachment.

    The Commandant, or a member appointed by the Commandant, shall represent the Marine Corps League Detachment at all Civic, Memorial and Community functions where it is customary that Veteran's Organizations be represented.

    The Commandant shall be the official Spokesman on all matters of public interest concerning Detachment activities unless another spokesperson is designated by the Commandant to do so.
  2. Senior Vice Commandant, whose duties shall be to assist the Detachment Commandant in every manner, by presiding at meetings, and performing the other duties of the Commandant in his absence. Additionally, this officer shall initiate, complete, and with the assistance and approval of the Board of Trustees, supervise the effective promotion of social, ceremonial entertainment and public service programs as will increase the prestige, character and good will of the Detachment.
  3. Junior Vice Commandant, whose duties shall be to create and promote such membership programs that will encourage continuing membership growth, and act as chairperson of the Membership Committee. This officer is in charge of all fundraising activities.
  4. Judge Advocate, whose duties shall coincide with those of the office of National Judge Advocate as set forth in the National Bylaws as they apply to the Detachment, except as otherwise provided for in the Detachment Bylaws. He is the interpreter of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Detachment and may be called upon by the Commandant, other officers, and members of the Detachment to provide an opinion to the Commandant so that he may rule on the legality of their actions and decisions insofar as they affect the good of the Marine Corps League. Such ruling shall be binding unless appealed and reversed by the Department Judge Advocate. He is the guardian of the rule of order for the Detachment.


Section 701 Board of Trustees Enumerated

The Detachment Board of Trustees shall be composed of:

  1. Commandant (Chairman)
  2. Senior Vice Commandant
  3. Junior Vice Commandant
  4. Judge Advocate
  5. Immediate Past Commandant
  6. Adjutant (Non-Voting, advice and recommendations only)
  7. Paymaster (Non-Voting, advice and recommendations only)

Section 702 Powers of the Board of Trustees

The Detachment Board of Trustees shall exercise executive and administrative supervision of the business of the Detachment between regular meetings. They will comply with and execute, without delay, the mandates and acts of the Detachment membership as expressed by majority vote in its regular meetings and special meetings. They will exercise such other executive and administrative functions and duties as are compatible with National, Department and Detachment Bylaws, and deemed advisable from time to time in the best interest of the Detachment and the Marine Corps League, Inc.

Section 703 Powers of the Board of Trustees

The Detachment Board of Trustees shall meet semi-annually at the same time and place ordered by the Commandant. The presence of four Board Members will constitute a quorum, but it is understood that all Board Members will be present unless excused for reasonable cause by the Commandant.


The Commandant shall appoint the following officers of this Detachment, subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees:

  1. Adjutant, whose duties will be to act as the secretary to the Commandant, the Board of Trustees, and the Detachment, keeping in strictest confidence all matters under consideration by the Commandant, the Board of Trustees and other officers. The Adjutant will attest and distribute all official orders, memoranda, and information, keeping an accurate file of all correspondence received and mailed. The Adjutant will keep an accurate record of all members with current title, address, phone number and membership anniversary of each; keep accurate minutes of all meetings of the Detachment, The Board of Trustees, and reports of all committees. He will assist the Paymaster in providing notification to members of monies due for annual dues and other financial obligations, process all transmittals and required reports and send them to the Department or National Headquarters as appropriate, and perform such other duties as the Commandant may direct.
  2. Paymaster, whose duties shall be to act as the Treasurer of the Detachment, receiving and accounting for all monies due and payable to the Detachment from all sources, giving receipt therefore, depositing all funds in the bank or the banks chosen by the Commandant and Paymaster and distributing funds as directed by the Board of Trustees. It will be the responsibility of the Paymaster:
    1. To remit promptly to the Department of Florida and National Headquarters all funds and monies owed.
    2. To maintain separate accountability for funds in special accounts as may be established by the Board of Trustees.
    3. To make monthly financial reports to the membership.
    4. To surrender without delay, to the appointed or elected successor in office, all records, monies, funds, security and other Detachment property used in the performance of his duties.
    5. An audit should be performed prior to the turnover of funds or as soon as possible if time does not permit an advance audit.
    6. To perform such other duties as may be directed by the Commandant.
  3. Sergeant at Arms, whose duties shall be those defined by the National Bylaws as applied to Detachment activities. He should know how to arrange the meeting room and should assist the Detachment Commandant and Adjutant in the preliminary arrangements for all the meetings. It is his duty to verify that persons attending Detachment meetings are bona fide members or invited guests. He will inspect their credentials and direct members to sign in prior to the Call to Order for the meeting. He will be responsible for keeping order at Detachment meetings and carrying out such other duties as may be assigned to him by the Commandant. He will assist during the voting of the body when voting by a show of hands or written ballot is required. He is the custodian of the Detachment Charter, Colors, and all Color Guard equipment, to include ceremonial rifles, and is in charge of the Color Detail during the Presentation and Retirement ceremonies. He is the arbiter of flag etiquette and should be the subject matter expert on proper flag display and procedures used in conducting a meeting. He should play a leading role in the Department Color Guard, Burial Detail, and other pageantry that is part of the Marine Corps League. He should welcome and introduce all new Detachment members attending their first few meetings, greet and escort honored guests, and keep the Commandant advised as to whom should be acknowledged.
  4. Chaplain, whose duties shall be defined by National Bylaws as they apply to Detachment activities. He shall be responsible for providing, properly displaying, and retiring the Holy Bible before and after meetings. In addition he is responsible for death notices, members in distress, and leading in prayer at the invocation and benediction.
  5. Service Officer, whose duties shall be to coordinate activities in rendering every possible assistance to Marines, members and dependents.
  6. Public Relations Officer, whose duties shall include responsibility for favorable publicity of all Detachment activities, events, and functions, and development of favorable relationships with local TV, radio, press, city and county officials as will enhance and improve the good name and of the Detachment. Unless otherwise directed by the Commandant he shall be ex-officio member of all committees and fund raising activities.
  7. Historian, whose duties shall be to assemble and maintain a record of activities, events, and achievements of the Detachment and of its individual members.
  8. Logistics Officer, whose duties shall be to take charge of, and maintain accountability for, all Detachment property and assets, except what is entrusted to the Sergeant at Arms.
  9. Additional officers can be added at the discretion of the Detachment Commandant (i.e.; S-1 Admin, S-3 Ops, S-6 Comm./Web Master).


Section 901 Formation of Committees

The Commandant shall establish, with the approval of the membership, such committees that will assist him in carrying out the assigned mission of the Detachment. He will appoint a member to chair each Committee formed and establish the duties and responsibilities of the Committee.

Section 902 Committee Chairs

The chairman of each committee shall be prepared to report on the progress and activity of the committee at any regular and/or staff meeting. The chairman will submit a written report, including a financial statement, at the conclusion of the event or activity conducted by the Committee. In the case of fundraising activity committees, the chairman will submit a preliminary estimate of the cost of the activity to the membership and/or the Staff for approval. All related expenses generated by the committee will be paid by a Detachment check upon presentation of a written invoice. In extreme cases where only a cash payment will suffice for goods or services, the payment will be made by the Committee Chairman, the Paymaster or the Commandant only when an invoice is presented and marked "paid". Under no circumstances will Detachment funds be placed in a member's private account unless the member is being reimbursed for a legitimate expense by the Paymaster. The member, in this case, must present a proper receipt for his expenditure.

No chairman, committee person, or Detachment member will financially obligate the Detachment without the approval of the membership.

Section 903 Standing Committees

The following standing committees shall be appointed and will be tasked appropriately by the Commandant:

  1. The Audit Committee shall consist of three non-officer members. They will elect their own chairman. The Paymaster will serve as an ex-officio member of this committee.
  2. The Nominating Committee shall be chaired by the Junior Vice Commandant, with such other members as be appointed by the Commandant.
  3. The Bylaws Committee shall be chaired by the Judge Advocate, with such other members as may be appointed by the Commandant.
  4. The Budget Committee shall be chaired by the Paymaster, with such other members as may be appointed by the Commandant.
  5. The Membership Committee shall be chaired by the Junior Vice Commandant, with such other members as may be appointed by the Commandant.
  6. The Visitation Committee shall be chaired by a volunteer member, with such other members as may be appointed by the Commandant.


Section 1001 Date and Time of Regular Meetings

The Detachment will meet regularly on the second Tuesday of each month at 1900 unless changed by a vote of the membership at a regular meeting. In the event of a natural disaster or catastrophe, the Commandant may postpone or cancel a meeting. The District Vice Commandant shall be notified as soon as practical, in advance if possible, of the requirement to postpone or cancel a regular meeting.

Section 1002 Regular Meetings Place

The place of regular Detachment meetings will be at the National Guard Armory 8790 Grow Road, Pensacola, Florida or such other place as decided by the membership.

Section 1003 Special Meetings

Special Meetings may be called for specific purposes by the Commandant, or upon written request to the Board of Trustees stating the purpose for the meeting. The meeting will be called if deemed appropriate by the Board of Trustees. Such requests must be signed by at least seven (7) Regular Members in good standing. The Commandant will call such special meetings. Proper written notice will be given to the membership, stating the time, place, and purpose of the meeting. Members will be given sufficient notice to allow for mailing and scheduling. In any case the notice will be mailed not less than ten (10) calendar days before the meeting date. ONLY THE STATED ISSUE WILL BE ADDRESSED AT THESE MEETINGS.

Section 1004 Quorum For Regular and Special Meetings

A quorum shall consist of a minimum of four (4) Elected Officers and ten (10) regular members present at voting. Officers present will be entitled to vote, except the Commandant, who will vote only to break a tie.

Section 1005 Conduct of Meeting

All members and guests shall conduct themselves so as not to discredit the good name of the Marine Corps and the Marine Corps League. The Sergeant of Arms will be directed by the Commandant to remove all persons found to show flagrant disrespect for the purposes and goals of the Preamble and these Bylaws. At open meetings members will be responsible for their own guests. Members or guests violating this section will be asked to leave. The Sergeant at Arms will escort the member, or the member and his guest from the meeting.

  1. Disrespectful conduct will include, but will be not limited to:
    1. Obvious influence of drugs, chemicals, or intoxicating beverages.
    2. Slanderous comments directed at another person, whether present or not.
    3. Slurs, epithets or foul language.
    4. Failure to abide by decisions rendered by the Commandant or a majority of the membership.
  2. No smoking, drinking, alcoholic beverages or personal weapons of any type shall be allowed at any Marine Corps League meeting or function. Violators will be subject to dismissal from the meeting and asked to leave. On duty law enforcement officers are exempt from the weapons restriction above.

Section 1006 Rules of Order

The Detachment shall be guided in its deliberations by:

  1. The National Administrative Procedures
  2. "Roberts Rules of Order Revised" which shall be the guide for any parliamentary rule not specifically covered provided in A above.
  3. In any case, the more stringent rule shall be applied. It will be the duty of the Commandant, with the advice of the Judge Advocate and the assistance of the Sergeant at Arms, to see that rules of order are strictly enforced.


Section 1101 Annual Dues

The Detachment will set the amount of its membership dues, which will include National and Departments per capita dues and fees. Dues and fees are notated on the Report of Installation (ROI).

Section 1102 Notice and Remittance

All renewal dues for Regular and Associate Members shall be payable on the anniversary date of their membership. Members will be notified in advance of their due date by all means available. Failure to receive advance notification does not preclude members from paying their dues on time. Payment may be made by cash, or check made payable to Marine Corps League. The Paymaster will immediately provide a receipt for cash payments

Section 1103 Increase and Assessments

Any increase in the National and/or Department dues and/or fees will be assessed to each member without deliberation.

Section 1104 Delinquencies

Any members owing dues to the Detachment past their due date will be considered delinquent and not eligible to vote. They will be transferred to the delinquent roster and carried on this roster for a period of twelve (12) months The Paymaster and Adjutant will make every effort to avoid unnecessary loss of members.


Section 1201 Selling or Soliciting

Selling, soliciting or engaging in any commercial activity for personal gain, in or during a Detachment meeting is prohibited.

Section 1202 Purchase Orders

Any Officer of the Detachment or Committee Chairman who needs to incur minor expenses for the good of the Department will obtain approval from the Commandant and/or the Board of Trustees before incurring the expense. The Paymaster is delegated authority to authorize such expenditures in the amount of $250.00 or less. In any event, a receipt must be obtained and submitted to the Paymaster for payment as soon as possible, but no later than the next regular meeting.

When purchased goods or services are required, at least three (3) bids will be obtained before expenditure of an amount of $500.00 or more.

Section 1203 Fiscal Year

The fiscal years of this Detachment shall begin on the first day of July and end on the last day of June.

Section 1204 Annual Budget

The Budget Committee will present a proposed budget for the coming fiscal year at the May meeting, to be voted on at the June meeting. The Commandant or his designated representative may make payments within the guidelines of the budget without further approval. Any item to be paid that is in excess of 110% of the budgeted amount, or that was not budgeted, must be approved by a majority vote of the regular members in good standing present.

Section 1205 Audits

A careful audit of all financial records of the Detachment shall be made by the Audit Committee no later than one week prior to the change of administrations, when there is a change in the Paymaster, and such other times as deemed necessary. An audit by an outside the membership entity shall be called for whenever deemed necessary. The results of all audits shall be made available to the membership.

Section 1206 Membership Listings

The membership listing (roster) of the Detachment is a subset of the membership listing of the Marine Corps League, and as such is PROPRIETARY INFORMATION under direct control of the National Headquarters of the Marine Corps League in accordance with Section 825 of the National Bylaws. The membership listing of the Detachment shall not be sold, leased, loaned or assigned, nor will be used for any commercial purpose without the expressed permission, in writing, of the Detachment Board of Trustees and the National Executive Director.

Section 1207 Dissolution

Should this Detachment be dissolved, all funds, property and assets of the Detachment shall be disposed of in accordance with the National and Department Bylaws.

Article 13: AMENDMENTS

Any proposed amendment(s) to these Bylaws must be submitted to the Bylaws Committees Chairman in typewritten form in the exact wording desired, including the Article(s) and Section(s) it proposes to change. The Bylaws Committee Chairman will take the proposed change(s) under advisement for review by the Bylaws Committee.

Any proposed amendment that is in conflict with any statute, rule or regulation of the Marine Corps League, Inc. will be declared out of order; otherwise the proposed amendment(s) shall be carried over and offered to the membership for approval or disapproval at the next regular meeting or special meeting. A favorable vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Regular Members present will be required to ratify any amendment.

Ratified Bylaws shall be forwarded to the Judge Advocate, Department of Florida, for certification. Without certification, changes have no legal basis and are void.

Article 14: APPROVAL

"Monthly Membership Meetings"
2nd Tuesday of every month, 7:00pm.

University of West Florida, Building 78, Room 103
11000 University Pkwy, Pensacola, FL 32514

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