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Frost Call with Col Justin Mac Miller USMC

Frost Call with Col Justin Mac Miller USMC

The Cpl JR Spears detachment of the Marine Corps League hosted a "Frost Call" with Col "Mac" Miller, USMC at Azalea Trace in Pensacola last evening.  In addition to the Colonel other World War Two veterans were honored.  There was lively Irish music with plenty of food and drink.  Goat Lips Deli a favorite Marine watering hole catered the food and local Irish musicians provided the music.  The Colonel entertained questions and related his experiences in the South Pacific during World War Two as the Commanding Officer of VMA-217.  Sgt. Major William Braddock, USMC , a Pearl Harbor and Iwo Jima veteran, was on hand to let the Colonel know that as a "grunt” he appreciate all the air support during the war.

The Colonel will be 102 years old this year and the MCL was pleased to be able to honor him at this special Heroes Among Us event.  The Colonel explained that he always wanted to be a pilot since he was a child and heard his father a Naval Officer in World War One speak about the pilots of that era and when he began to read about their exploits he made up his mind he wanted to fly.  Later when he was assigned to fly his favorite fighter plane the F4U Corsair little did he know that the famous pilot "Lucky Lindy”, Charles Lindbergh would be his instructor.  All hands reported that it was a great evening of camaraderie and brotherhood with a legendary Marine fighter pilot who during his career was awarded Three DFC medals and Eleven Air Medals. 

At the end of the night the Colonel and Sgt. Major Braddock posed in a photo with a group of new Marine Lieutenants who are now training to be future Naval Aviators.

It is a memory that they will someday share with their grandchildren.   


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