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MCL Det 066 Award

MCL Det 066 Award

It is my happy duty as PAO officer to report that the Corporal J.R. Spears Detachment 066 of the Marine Corps League will be awarded the George Washington Honor Medal (National Award) for the Heroes Among Us program.  The awards ceremony will be held here in Pensacola sometime in January of 2016.

This prestigious honor reflects the dignity, enthusiasm and commitment to excellence that Marines have exemplified in the performance of their duties as members of the League, in support of this worthy program. In addition, this award reflects the common dignity of the citizens of Pensacola, for without wide citizen support it would not be possible to have such a series. That dignity and decency  is one of the reasons I chose to make my home here in Pensacola.


In recognition of this award let us rededicate ourselves to making the Heroes Among Us the flagship series that permits our comrades in arms to remind their fellow citizens that our freedoms rests upon sacrifice.     

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