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The Corpsman's Service Committee

The Corpsman's Service Committee
                  The Marine Corps League, J.R. Spears Det. 066, Pensacola Florida recently established the Corpsmen’s Service Committee headed by the detachment’s Veterans Service Officer, George "Doc” Dodge a former FMF Corpsman.  Marines and their Corpsmen served on the same team in the FMF and the committee is a recognition of that affinity. Many Corpsmen have a natural desire to help their fellow veterans and the committee under the Veterans Service Officer of the Marine Corps League was an ideal way to put this desire into action.
                 All the Corpsmen who are members of the detachment graciously volunteered to help their fellow veterans and the fact that they banned together in a service committee allows them to reach out to a wider group of veterans in need. Many of them have firsthand experience dealing with Department of Veterans Affairs as well as other government agencies. In addition they have a greater degree of knowledge and understanding of the medical issues that afflict their fellow veterans. Armed with this experience and knowledge they can efficiently and effectively help their former comrades in arms get the assistance they require.
                Marines revere the memory of their Corpsmen and hold them in high regard. They are in combat, the first line of defense for those wounded and the link to life saving treatment for every Marine. The Corpsmen’s Service Committee once again establishes that line of defense and link to the "Doc"  for life saving help.
                 "Corpsman Up” is what you hear when everyone else is looking for cover. The MCL made this call and these fine men of honor have responded once again.  Semper Fidelis "Doc" we know we can always count on you.
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"Monthly Membership Meetings"
2nd Tuesday of every month, 7:00pm.

University of West Florida, Building 78, Room 103
11000 University Pkwy, Pensacola, FL 32514

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